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We’ve been ‘let down badly’ by council claim Kidwelly residents as flood water ruins properties on Ferry Road

Residents in Kidwelly are claiming that they have been ‘let down’ by Carmarthenshire County Council and local representatives over a long standing flooding problem, which has damaged property and possessions.

Residents on Ferry Road and New Street in Kidwelly said that they were hit by a torrent of water resembling a fast flowing river running at full force down a lane and onto the main road. There was only one way for the water to go and that was downhill and into the properties of local residents. Garden walls collapsed and water entered into some properties.

One resident who did not wish to be named said: “There is a strong feeling in the community that the Council has let us down badly. I had highlighted the problems regarding the lane to them some months ago. Carmarthenshire County Council had ample opportunity to take steps to reduce and maybe even prevent damage but disregarded my concerns as the issue is not on council land. It has now become an issue as the debris has washed into our homes and onto the highway. It has been a huge waste of resources and time to have to spend on matters which are in my view preventable.

The council’s clean-up team worked tirelessly to help the residents and we cant thank them enough.

“I only hope that this is a wake up call for the council to take action before another heavy rainfall. It was a blessing that Monday night’s rain came and went quickly. I dread to think what would happen during a prolonged period of heavy rain as our drainage system simply cannot cope.”

Major investment is needed to protect our town, its residents and their properties. Enough is enough, it is now time to act.

A council spokesperson said: “The area was subject to an extremely high level of intense rainfall in a short period of time with significant material discharged from surrounding land. Our investigations are ongoing into the cause.”

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