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What must the young think of politics?

What must the young think of British politics? More changes than a cubicle in Primark at a sale.

What a few years we have had, what an incredible few months and what an astonishing few days.

We are now in a situation whereby the people of the United Kingdom have been disenfranchised from choosing their next Prime Minister. Instead we are asked to wait until a couple of people throw their hats into the ring as candidates, yes candidates for the top job. It is a cross between The Apprentice and Ask Aspel. I can see a new TV show here.

We are told the threshold bar has been set high. Well we were led to believe that the bar was high at the last leadership contest. Look what we got. Do we feel an iota of sympathy for Liz Truss the fighter not the quitter? Cue the tumbleweed along Downing Street.

If only one candidate steps forward with enough MPs backing them we will be treated to a coronation of our Prime Minister.

If anything this signals a shift in British politics towards a system whereby none of us have any say or input into the choice of person who is to lead our country.

It is shambolic to say the least as the news crews hunt down politicians of every ilk, the man or woman in the street for their opinion.

The example this whole fiasco is setting is one of micro manipulation of the most powerful institution in the land by a small group of people.

The fact that there is even the remotest speculation that Boris Johnson will return from his holiday in the Caribbean to become the Comeback Kid would be hilarious if it were not so perverted.

Labour Leader Kier Starmer does not. He is vying for a general election and asserts that Labour are ready and eager to lead the country and restore order, sanity, the economy and a night out at the Bingo on him. And what of the Liberals? Those fine people that come up with so many of the ideas floated shortly afterwards by other parties as their own, allegedly.

There is so much one could write here, the whole debacle is a journalist’s dream. Content flows like milk on a dairy farm. It is not a case of I told you so but somewhere on this site there will be a cursory warning that Truss would not last a season. How I wish I were a betting man and I had put my spare pound on Truss leaving as soon as she did.

With the UK in such a mess, with so many factors hitting most people under a certain wage threshold could Labour really save the day if there were a general election and Labour were to win? There will be seasoned Labour people who remember those dark days, the winter of discontent, strikes and blackouts. The unions running rampant and making their demands. That is the danger the Tories will be touting if a general election were to happen, which at present is not likely.

Interestingly for us journalists so far away from the Metropolis who really don’t even get the crumbs or a sniff of access to the movers and shakers in Westminster we can watch the main news coverage and garner titbits.

One of these was an interview with Angela Rayner who was asked about the issue of unions and strikes. In answer she pointed to Wales, that wonderful place down’t road where there are no strikes. We are such lovely people.

The next week in politics is sure to be something to watch. Far more interesting than any soap on TV. My money is on Penny Mordaunt for PM. The real question then is how long will Penny or whichever candidate gets through will last?

There is a lot at stake and there are panthers waiting to spring on the opportunities from the fall out and possibly hoping that disaster does strike and we see yet another resignation. That would unleash a general election and I would bet a penny, a real threat to the Union. These are unprecedented times that the young have the privilege of witnessing. If you never had a scintilla of interest in politics, this is the very time to start.

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