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AFTER a night of drama including Trump outrageously calling the election a fraud and that the count should be stopped it appears that Democrat, Joe Biden, is on course to win.

Before looking into the reasons for Biden’s success it is worth stopping to ponder how over 60m voters remained loyal to Donald Trump.

His behaviour during the Covid pandemic should have been enough of a reason not to vote for him. But just think of the 20,000 false, misleading and alleged lies he has uttered/tweeted over 4 years.

His role as a world leader may be popular to some but there have been numerous examples of ‘how not to lead’ during his term as the President of the United States of America.

Joe Biden is closing in on victory because the few millions of votes left to be counted are from those who either voted before Election Day or are postal votes. It has been estimated that well over 60% of those votes are for Biden. Trump knows this and we are now seeing tactics aimed at disrupting and possibly overturning the result. The act of going gracefully may not be one, which we will witness at the Whitehouse in the coming weeks and months.

Despite claims to the contrary the voting system in the USA is unchanged.There is nothing new whatever in the process, other than what Trump keeps alleging and ironically any slight changes have been instigated by the Republicans..

Two other groups remain to be counted at the end and they are members of the armed forces and US citizens who live abroad.

By midday Wednesday November 4th Joe Biden held thin leads in enough crucial states to get to 270 electoral college votes either late today or on Thursday.

Joe Biden currently has 238 electoral college votes, meaning he needs just 32 more to claim victory. The 238 votes includes Arizona.

The next two states expected to declare are Wisconsin and Michigan. Currently Biden has a narrow lead in both. However the remaining votes to be counted in the two state are expected to skew heavily towards the Democrats, as they’re mail-in and early votes. That brings Biden to 264.

Only 6 votes short of victory.

Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Nevada remain.

Trump looks set to win North Carolina but the other 3 states are in play for Joe Biden.

Biden is ahead in Nevada, just, by 0.6%. The final count in The state will not be until late Thursday around 5pm. At the moment, Mr Biden is ahead by 0.6%. Again the remaining votes left to be counted are mail-in ballots, expected to skew mainly towards the Democrats. That’s 6 more votes and Biden has won.

Georgia has had a series of outstanding areas that have had vote-counting problems. So it’s not clear when the result will be declared. Currently, Trump has a lead of around 100,000 votes, but the remaining votes to come in are from pro Democrat regions. It’s not clear whether there will be enough to overhaul the Trump lead. It probably will be very close but I reckon Biden will just about win. There are 16 Electoral College votes which would be good to make the result bit more convincing and go towards keeping Trump at bay!

Finally there remains Pennsylvania and it’s 20 Electoral College votes. Trump is ahead here – by almost 500,000 votes – but there are more than 1.7m votes still to be counted. As in the other states, they’re primarily Democratic-leaning mail-in ballots.So again I reckon Joe Biden will just about pip Trump in this important state.

This was the first US Election to be monitored by international observers and the Carter Centre. It simply could not have gone better and have been more organised given it was being held in the midst of a pandemic. While Trump has taken to attacking the fabric of democracy and questioning the process and those who worked through the night and continue to work at counting centres Biden took to the podium at a drive-in event and said clearly that this election would not be decided by Donald Trump or Joe Biden but by the people of America.

It may be neither and the reality may be that the result is declared a win for either candidate by the Supreme Court.

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