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Why cant local politicians see public transport is failing?

Dear Editor,

Today we are living in an age of climate emergency! Where we are encouraged to use public transport to reduce the number of cars on our roads. But here in Carmarthenshire how can they expect this to happen when public transport is now more expensive than running a car, and in most parts of Carmarthenshire public transport services are not fit for purpose.

The knock on affect of our failing public transport is having a massive impact on our county. Residents are cut off from visiting family and friends. People that work unsociable hours can not use public transport as it is non-existent. Those that do use public transport are predominantly in low waged employment, spending a large percentage of their wages on commuting. Our town centres would thrive if Carmarthenshire was better connected through good frequent affordable public transport.

Why can’t our local politicians see this?

This is why we have launched a grassroots campaign that is not affiliated with any political parties, that welcomes all to join in and get involved. We need a vast number of people working together united to force a change for the better. So if you’ve had enough of poor school transport, non-existent and unaffordable public transport then please join our campaign, get in touch via our Facebook page or our Twitter account (link below) and together we will bring about that change.

We are demanding public transport that will benefit our residents, our high streets, our local economy and our environment.





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