September 27, 2021

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A community garden created with help from Swansea University bio scientists has blossomed into a magnet for wildlife.

Three Crosses Butterfly Project saw volunteers working together last year to help reverse nature’s decline by creating a garden at the village’s community centre.

Led by associate professor Hazel Nichols, from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the project has been hailed as a great success and the team is now looking forward to developing the area even further.
Dr Nichols said: “In terms of wildflowers, we have had cuckoo flowers, scarlet pimpernel, clover, bugles, cornflower, scabious, daffodil, bluebell, snake’s head fritillary and yarrow.

“We are planning on adding improvements in the future. I would love to create some extra features, including a path through the meadow and some more wildlife habitats such as bird and bat boxes.”

The project began with the aim of creating a wildlife refuge and community garden on unused land in the heart of the village.