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WJEC chief says examination results ‘balanced and fair”

THE WJEC’s chief executive Ian Morgan has indicated that every effort will be made to ensure this year’s A-level and GCSE results are decided in a “balanced and fair way”

Across the UK these summer term examinations were cancelled due to the COVID pandemic disrupting, in a significant way, schooling since the spring so, therefore, examinations have been replaced by teacher assessment grading.

Already Ofqual, the examination regulator in England has confirmed that a “substantial number ” of A-level and GCSE results will have to be marked down because of teacher assessment grade inflation.

It seems that provisional figures were indicating a 12% better than average performance compared with last year’s A-level examinations and 9% better at GCSE level.

In Wales teachers have already sent in grades to the WJEC for all GCSE, AS, A-level, and Welsh Bacc candidates. This information is currently being processed by the examination board, to ensure consistency with how pupils and schools have performed in previous years and the results will be announced as usual in August.

Although schools and colleges will be able to challenge the process, this year, pupils will not be able to appeal directly to the WJEC

The WJEC’s chief executive Ian Morgan said “there’s a huge amount of data being used from a range of different sources,” and that it has been a “fairly complex process”.

Mr. Morgan added that they were looking for “broadly similar” results in previous years.



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