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Woman faces fine for allegedly breaking restrictions and organising outdoor protest in response to death of Mohamud Mohammed

A woman has been summonsed after allegedly breaking Covid restrictions and organising a protest over the death of a man who was arrested hours before he died.

Mohamud Mohammed Hassan died on Saturday evening and protests followed.

Bianca Ali was summonsed for organising an event on Tuesday and Wednesday with more than 30 people in attendance.

South Wales Police issued the following statement:

“South Wales Police can confirm that on Thursday, one woman was reported for summons for breaching Covid-19 regulations by organising an outdoor event, namely protests In Cardiff Bay on Tuesday and Wednesday, at which more than 30 people were in attendance.

“She now has the opportunity to either pay a £500 fixed penalty notice or request a court hearing.

“Welsh Government regulations are in place to protect the community from the spread of Covid-19 and this action was taken in an effort to protect the public’s health during this global pandemic.

“Enquiries into the protests are continuing and further action against other individuals for breaching Covid-19 Regulations and, or other criminal offences, is anticipated.”

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