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WOODLAND and meadows at a quiet spot in Carmarthenshire will be used for human burials after the county council approved plans for a new venture.

The idea is the brainchild of 25-year-old Keith Hall, who will use family-owned land near Drefelin, in the west of the county.

“I’m so relieved that planning has gone through,” he said.

Mr Hall has earmarked two fields comprising woodland and wildflower meadows for the natural burials, and reckons they could become the final resting place for 600 people.

He will also create a 20-space car park.

Planning officers have imposed road access, visibility and landscaping conditions.

Mr Hall said he planned to get started on the car park next month.

“I’m very excited to be getting on with it,” he said.

Speaking in August, Mr Hall said the closest natural burial sites he could find were in Swansea to the east and Aberystwyth to the west.

He said he had approached the council and neighbours about his proposal, and that more interest emerged from people about natural, local burials.

“The need was there,” he said.

His parents run the farmland in question predominantly as a wildlife reserve.

“A couple of older family friends who have visited it expressed an interest in wanting to be buried there because it has very nice memories for them,” said Mr Hall.

“A couple of other friends were interested in natural burials.”

Mr Hall, who works for an eco-wedding company, said the new burial venture could create three or four jobs, depending on uptake.

“But it’s not like weddings, when you can plan ahead,” he said.


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