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A COMMUNITY has rallied behind a 98-year-old woman who was confronted by three people in her own home during a “sickening” attempted burglary.
The trio, believed to be men, targeted an address on Camberley Drive, Wrexham at around 11.30pm on Wednesday, September 15.
After gaininAg entry, they conducted what police described as “an untidy search”, throwing furniture around in the attempt to find valuable items.
The woman who lives there heard the noise and challenged them, leading to a brief confrontation before they escaped empty handed.
Although police officers confirmed the woman was not injured, they said it would “have some physiological impact” on her.
Residents living nearby later asked for a fundraiser to be set up in a bid to “restore a little faith in humanity”.
Aided by local councillor Becca Martin and Acton Community Council, a bunch of flowers has now been sent to the woman as a gesture of kindness, along with an afternoon tea and shopping vouchers from the proceeds.
Cllr Martin said: “The community came together after hearing the story and everybody rallied round, so we got her some Marks and Spencer vouchers, an afternoon tea and flowers.
“Because of her age, you’d hate to think of something like that happening to your grandparents.
“Some of the local residents wanted to donate or do something nice and asked if I’d mind setting it up as a central point of contact.
“I love how the community has rallied round.”
In the wake of the incident, a senior Wrexham police officer hit out at those responsible for what he described as “a sickening burglary”.
Inspector Luke Hughes said:  “In way of a message to the offenders, I am absolutely shocked and appalled that this disgusting offence took place.
“How dare you prey on an elderly victim in this way – you need to know that we will do all that we possibly can to locate you and ensure you get the appropriate justice.
“You should be ashamed of yourselves.”
North Wales Police said its enquiries into the incident are ongoing and no arrests have been made to date.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the force on 101, or via its website, using reference number 21000644375.

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