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Wrexham council will not close part of A483

PART of the A483 in Wrexham will not be closed for 18 months, a local authority has clarified.

It follows a post being published on Facebook by a town councillor, which suggested a stretch of the dual carriageway between Ruabon and the Halton Roundabout would be shut for a lengthy period from September 1.

The incorrect information caused frustration and confusion, attracting more than 400 comments from residents who feared it would cause gridlock in the area.

The deputy leader of Wrexham Council has now confirmed the long term closure of the key route is not on the cards.

Cllr David A Bithell said the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent (NMWTRA), which manages the road, had recently issued a statutory notice in relation to the A483.

However, he said the temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) would only result in it being shut temporarily in the event of a crash or roadworks.

He said: “The TTRO is for 18 months duration to allow work activities to proceed during that period.

“This provides NMWTRA with the flexibility to implement the work that needs to be undertaken on the routes with the temporary speed limits etc being put in place, only when needed, and most often overnight.

“This does not mean the road will be closed for 18 months.

“This is a TTRO which is required to undertake the planned routine cyclic maintenance programme on the A483 but can also be used reactively in the event of an incident e.g. following safety barrier collision or potholes, to allow a repair.

“TTROs are issued as part of a statutory process that the Welsh Government follow as a highway authority to implement temporary changes to speed limits etc. for driver and workforce safety reasons.”

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