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PLANS have been revealed aimed at encouraging more people to walk and cycle in Wrexham. The report will be considered by members of the authority’s homes and environment scrutiny committee at a meeting on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

A Welsh Government act passed in 2013 requires local authorities across Wales to improve “active travel” routes within communities.

Wrexham Council has been working on a number of schemes designed to get people to ditch their cars in favour of more environmentally friendly ways of travelling.

A report has now been published sharing further details of the proposals, including improvements along the Mold Road corridor into the town centre as part of the multi-million pound Wrexham Gateway project.

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It also outlines plans to promote walking or cycling to work as a viable alternative for employees on Wrexham Industrial Estate.

Cllr David A Bithell, the local authority’s lead member for environment and transport, said in the report:

“With Wrexham Council’s declaration of a climate and ecological emergency, and publication of a subsequent decarbonisation plan, it is more important than ever that we are making significant progress towards improving active-travel infrastructure, and encouraging behaviour change to ensure modal shift.

“A number of key projects have progressed in 2021-22 and will continue to do so in the forthcoming year.

“There are significant projects being undertaken to consider active travel provision in and around the Wrexham Gateway area.

“Previous work identified a number of critical constraints to active travel in this area, and the current study aims to identify a number of short, medium and high-level interventions along the Mold Road corridor, which will improve active travel at this key location.

“In addition, we have a project considering active travel related improvements to and within the Wrexham Industrial estate; including signage and wayfinding, active travel paths and connections, and other interventions that could support increased active travel to this key employment site in the county borough.”

A number of smaller schemes are also highlighted in the report, including the creation of a shared footpath and cycleway along an old railway line in Esclusham and improved lighting on Bryn Estyn Lane.

Meanwhile, routes being prioritised in the town centre include Chester Road,
Kingsmills Road and Holt Road.

Cllr Bithell added: “Detailed designs are currently being developed for each of these routes, and have begun the process of undertaking further stakeholder engagement, as well as some public engagement up until March 2022.

“Following engagement, final amends will be made to the designs provided through this project.”

Delivery of the improvements will be dependent on the council successfully applying for funding from the Welsh Government.


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