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Wrexham politicians to discuss £2,400 a year councillor pay rise proposals

COUNCILLORS in Wrexham are set to discuss proposals which could see their pay rise by more than £2,400 a year.

It follows the body responsible for setting politicians’ pay highlighting that their salaries have fallen below the average amount earned by people in Wales.

The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRPW) has therefore recommended that their pay should be increased by 16.9 per cent in its draft annual report.

It would see the annual basic salary for members of Wrexham Council uplifted from £14,368 to £16,800 following next year’s local elections if the changes are ratified by the panel.

Senior post holders and civic heads would also receive a hike in their wage, with the council leader set to earn £56,700 – a rise of £6,726.

In its report, the IRPW said: “Financial constraints on the public sector and particularly on local authorities over many years meant that the link with average Welsh earnings could not be maintained.

“The panel considers that this has undervalued the worth of elected members and that it is now time to restore this link as the most appropriate comparator.

“Members in these 22 principal councils will receive, proportionately, the same as the overall average amount that a Welsh constituent received in 2020.

“We hope that over time this will encourage greater diversity and enable potential candidates to consider putting themselves forward for election.”

According to the report, the new salary structure would cost the council an extra £189,228 for the 2022/23 financial year.

Members of the local authority’s democratic services committee will be asked to give their feedback on the proposals at a meeting on Thursday (November 4, 2021).

The IRPW is currently consulting on the changes with councils across Wales and is expected to publish its final report in February.

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