The 60s Welsh rock star who spotted Tom Jones

IT’S not unusual for there to be a group of musicians living in the same town, performing at different venues at different times and taking different career paths. Llanelli has had its fair share of musicians, some went on to greatness, and some stayed local and stuck to their roots. Continue Reading

An interview with William Denston Powell

THERE cannot be many people more qualified to discuss and comment on COVID-19 and its impact on the person, the family and the community than former Welsh Lib Dem AM William Denston Powell. A former teacher, politician, champion of farming, father, husband and a man who out of the blue Continue Reading

‘Abolish the Welsh Assembly and give power to the people’, says Mid and West Wales AM

THE outspoken UKIP AM for Mid and West Wales Neil Hamilton has expressed his disdain for what he describes as a ‘Cardiff centric’ institution unconcerned with the plight of people in the far corners of Wales. In an interview with Llanelli Online on Tuesday (Apr 28) Mr Hamilton said that Continue Reading

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