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Llanelli Online is a community interest company (CIC). We are a news and media publishing company. We have had support from Welsh Government, Google and PINF.

We Are Expanding Our Local News Service For Llanelli and South West Wales

How Can You Help Us Develop And Improve Our Service?

If you would like to make a contribution from £1 upwards  please do so here; It is a one time payment to help support our independent community news service

Help Support Local News. Your support allows us to keep reporting on local news. Support us today for as little as £1. Thank You


To be able to  maintain and progress our independent public news service we need to raise £24,000 per year to cover costs.

Your financial support  will help maintain a dedicated hyperlocal community news service and help train young journalists.

Every penny raised will go towards growing, sustaining and developing this vital independent hyperlocal news source

By backing Llanelli Online CIC you are helping retain a hyperlocal news portal and ensuring there is a voice for Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Wales, which will continue to be heard


You have advertising revenues from the websites. Why do you need to raise money?

Our revenues are very small. Some months we struggle to cover our basic costs. We rarely pay ourselves, even though we work on the sites seven days a week.

To grow Llanelli Online CIC and to make it sustainable, we can’t rely on advertising alone. We don’t use Google ads and we don’t flood you with pop up surveys.

How will the money actually be spent?

Raising £24,000 will enable us to maintain and improve our online audio service, expand our talking newspaper, purchase licences and equipment. We will be able to train and employ more people.

What’s going to change as a result of my pledge?

We’ll be giving more to the community, by covering more news and important events. The truth is that what we’ve done so far, relying upon the goodwill of volunteers has been exceptional, but it is not sustainable without having someone with the time and experience to pull it all together. The business model depends on businesses advertising. We support local businesses in return.

What does the future hold for local news?

A good question. As with most things, we’ve got to get our brand and content shared and noticed by those who champion democracy and free speech. We’ve got some ideas and plans and have started to attract more advertisers . We’ll be able to focus on building a more sustainable model so we can keep delivering your local and regional news you have come to love and trust. We believe that the model for news is changing fast and your money will help us keep you up to date with a news service of exceptional quality.

Other Ways You Can Help Llanelli Online CIC

We know that not everybody will be able to help financially. So a big shout-out on social media would be great to help us spread the word. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter LO and Instagram LO and  Twitter WNO   Instagram WNO and share our posts. 

Become a volunteer. We are looking for community correspondents, admin volunteers, creative people and people with an interest in helping to produce and share the news.

Llanelli Online is a Community Interest Company (CIC)  – Your pledge will go towards sustaining our vital independent hyperlocal community news service

Help Support Local News. Your support allows us to keep reporting on local news. Support us today for as little as £1. Thank You



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