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UNITE To Remain may not be something many of you would have heard of before today. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Getting political parties to unite in seats across the country which voted to Remain.

It would be pointless fighting a seat as a Remain candidate against another candidate who is a remain candidate as the danger would be that the leave candidate might just get in because of the way in which the voting process works. Confused?

Don’t worry. Gwynoro Jones our political commentator has visited the studio to discuss the comings and goings behind the scenes which have seen seats in Wales bartered over between Plaid Cymru, the Green Party, and the Lib Dems.

Candidates have already stood down in some constituencies. Some voluntarily some in protest. The volunteers one could say are party to the aims of Unite to Remain. The involuntary resignations are as a protest to what some see as a betrayal of the constituents who they believe should have the choice of party candidates regardless.

This is yet another twist in the political scene, which is solely based on the issue of Brexit. If you take a town like Llanelli, which voted to leave the EU and has voted Labour for the last century then you have a dilemma for the constituents. Do they follow tradition in politics and vote Labour or do they look to another party based on their vote in the referendum to leave? What choice do they have? Traditionally the seat would have been fought by candidates from most of the main parties.

Under this pact made predominantly behind closed doors in London the people of Llanelli will be faced with a possible three-horse race for party politics but on the other hand is there a danger that Plaid Cymru will decide to take their foot off the gas and allow Nia Griffith a free run in based on the fact they share the desire to remain in the EU.

Where does that leave the voters of Llanelli and their traditional and habitual political voting? It may just come down to a vote to Leave or Remain. Sound familiar?

You can listen to Gwynoro here:

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