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100 fire fighters tackle major fire at recycling Centre in Waterston, Pembrokeshire

A fire has broken out at a recycling Centre in Waterston. A press statement from  Diana Jones, Managing Director of Enviroventure Waste Solutions Ltd reads as follows: 
“Our yard in Waterston is currently closed due to a fire which started at the recycling centre next door and has spread to our premises. Whilst the fire did not start here, it has spread to us, and waste which was awaiting processing has caught fire, and is still smouldering.We are working with Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, other agencies and businesses on extinguishing the blaze. Who have worked endlessly. 
“We would like to apologise to our customers and neighbours for any inconvenience caused, and would like to thank all those involved with tackling the ongoing fire. 
“I would like to give special thanks to our amazing customers for their continued support and understanding, our amazing staff for their tireless work now and always, our family and friends for their continued support and help, to Darren & Jake of JD Jones Recycling who have worked tirelessly and Nening of Airfield Metals, the local farmers and everyone else involved in helping to keep the environmental impact of this blaze, which was outside of our control, to a minimum. “I am devastated beyond words.”

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