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THERE have been 848  new coronavirus cases recorded in the Hywel Dda Health Board area in the last three days according to the latest figures today (Tuesday, October 26).

Due to  a  technical issue PHW did not publish data on Monday,  with today’s figures (October 26) for a three day period from 9am October 22 to 9am October 25.

PHW added that not all cases in the 72 hour period have been flagged as ‘new’ and “the true number of cases since the previous report on Sunday, October 24 is likely to be just over 8,000. The cumulative total has not been affected, and data  will be reconciled going forwards.”

The latest data shows there were 402 new cases in Carmarthenshire, 315 in Pembrokeshire and 131 in Ceredigion since the last report.

The total number of cases across the three counties now stands at 39,448 – 23,071 in Carmarthenshire, 11,053 in Pembrokeshire and 5,324 in Ceredigion.

There were nine new Covid-related deaths recorded in the Hywel Dda area since the last report, with the total standing at 560 throughout the pandemic.
In total 5,288 new cases of coronavirus and 31 new Covid-related deaths have been reported across Wales bringing the national total to 427,150 cases and 6,117 deaths.

There have been 37,361 tests done across the country since the last report.
Across Wales 2,432,956 people have had their first dose of covid-19 vaccine and 2,240,960 have had their second dose and are fully vaccinated. ‘Booster’ doses have been given to 364,176 people and 16,721 people have received a three dose primary course of covid-19 vaccine.

Hywel Dda University Health Board is no longer updating its vaccination reports with invitations for third ‘booster’ doses now going out to residents across the three counties in priority order.

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