April 21, 2021

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Adam price to join Welsh Government COVID Core Group

ADAM PRICE the Leader of Plaid Cymru has accepted an invitation from the First Minister Mark Drakeford to join the Welsh Government’s Covid Core Group.

In a statement, Adam Price said Plaid Cymru would always seek to work “co-operatively and constructively with others” – particularly in a time of “unprecedented crisis”.

Mr Price said his membership of the group would be an “invaluable forum” for his party to raise “valid questions and real concerns” with the Welsh Government and would be offering “practical ideas and solutions” as well.

The Plaid Cymru Leader said this would not “hinder nor hamper” his nor his party’s ability to scrutinise but would “further facilitate” such scrutiny.

Mr Price added that Plaid Cymru’s priority would always be the “well-being of the people of Wales” and ensuring the country overcome the crisis.

Adam Price, Leader of Plaid Cymru said,

“I’m pleased to confirm that, after receiving a request from the First Minister, I have accepted an invitation to become a member of the Welsh Government’s Covid Core Group,

“Plaid Cymru will always seek to work co-operatively and constructively with others – particularly during this time of unprecedented crisis.

“My membership of this Core Group will be an invaluable forum for Plaid Cymru to raise valid questions and real concerns pertaining to the crisis with the Welsh Government as well as offering practical ideas and solutions for the ways ahead.

“I stress that this will not hinder nor hamper our ability to scrutinise but rather will further facilitate it.

“Plaid Cymru’s priority will always be the well-being of the people of Wales and we are committed to ensuring that we overcome this crisis.

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