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Advertise with us on our main news site walesnewsonline.com as well as www.llanellionline.news with live links in every advert 1 click back to your landing page.

To Speak to us – CALL TODAY – 01554 891114  Email advertising@walesnewsonline.com

 If you want us to create your banner ad there is an additional £30 charge for artwork and time.

You can select and pay for a range of options for adverts here.

Banner adverts appear in every post on every page 1553 x 742 300dpi

In Post Banner Advert

Home PageBanner advert is the top banner of the homepage 900 x 96 300dpi

Top Of Homepage Banner Ad

If you would like us to design your ad please send across an outline of what you would like to say, any logos or images you wish to include. All ads can have a landing page URL you would like people who click on the advert to be taken to, i.e. your website address. There is a £30 charge for design of adverts. We will send you a proof for you to approve before going live.

Please send us completed artwork and details of the URL for any of your ads to newsdesk@walesnewsonline.com

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