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An interview with William Denston Powell

THERE cannot be many people more qualified to discuss and comment on COVID-19 and its impact on the person, the family and the community than former Welsh Lib Dem AM William Denston Powell.

A former teacher, politician, champion of farming, father, husband and a man who out of the blue contracted COVID-19 and was in an induced coma and hospital for 6 weeks, 3 weeks in ICU ( 2 weeks on a ventilator under an induced coma) then another 3 weeks on a closed Covid 19 Rehabilitation Ward.

William and I first met at an election night, when the usual hullaballoo was happening all around. True to his liberal spirit as others gave disapproving looks towards the rabble who had gate-crashed the election count dressed in all sorts of outfits, William joined them and had a bit of fun.

They were of course members of the Raving Monster Loony Party. No, not the Conservatives or Labour, this is an actual party who put forward candidates for election and who had every right to be at the count even though they didn’t really appear until they had toured the local public houses.

William popped into the news again after his defeat at the election, but this time it was the news that he had been taken in to hospital and wasn’t doing too well.

There was an outpouring of good wishes from all corners of the political arena. Not hard to see that he was and still is a popular man.

I caught up with William via Zoom and in a very informal interview, unscripted, unprepared, we talked at length about his experience, his views on the NHS, education in Wales, the rural economy, poverty and all the usual subjects politicians love to yarn over.




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