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Angry readers slam Denbighshire’s decision to introduce recycling centre charges

ANGRY readers have slammed Denbighshire County Council’s decision to introduce charges at their recycling centres.

The Local Democracy Service reported earlier this week that the authority will be charging for certain household rubbish at recycling centres at Ruthin, Denbigh and Rhyl.

The charges follow contractor Bryson Recycling taking over the running of the three sites in April. Bryson already manages sites in Conwy.

The charges mostly relate to DIY-type waste, such as soil, rubble, plasterboard, wood and timber, asbestos, tyres and gas bottles. But Denbighshire is yet to reveal the list of exactly what will be charged for.

One reader wrote: Absolutely disgraceful. There will be more fly-tipping. HOW ridiculous is this? What do we pay council tax for?

Another said: Higher council tax but get less for it. This is greed again, and there is so much rubbish dumped as it is. You only have to look around the recycling depot between Abergele and Towyn where people have dumped stuff down Gors Road after finding they’d have to pay, so they take it home and dump it on the way. Fly-tipping is rife around there. So come on, councils. Get your act together. It’s WHAT WE PAY YOU FOR.

Another angry reader typed: It will probably cost the council a fortune to clear up fly-tipping when they bring in the charges.

Someone else wrote: How to keep ripping Joe public off.

Another reader typed: There’ll be more tipping and more burning. And it’ll be the council that will be doing the clearing eventually. They should be doing EVERYTHING WITHIN THEIR POWERS to encourage the public to drop things off at recycling centres for FREE. We don’t stand a chance of keeping this country tidy. I feel a sense of total despair when people of authority come up with these stupid plans.

Another questioned the motive of introducing the charges: Disgusting and greedy. What do we actually pay our extortionate council tax for, as more and more services are charged for?

One reader added: Obviously the council tax will go up again this year as will the councillors salaries and expenses. The only thing that won’t go up will be the level of services.

But another reader sympathised with council: If people thought about their rubbish before fly-tipping in the first place, perhaps the council wouldn’t have to keep putting up charges

Earlier this week Cllr Paul Pennlington called the charges shocking.

“Personally, I think it is shocking they are going to charge residents to dispose of their recycling from their own homes,” he said.

“It is just another example of Denbighshire County Council becoming ever more corporate and adding costs onto residents that they shouldn’t have to pay because these things are covered by council tax already.”

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