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Applications open to join the next Welsh Youth Parliament

LLANELLI’S Member of the Senedd Lee Waters is urging 11-18 year olds to apply to join the next Welsh Youth Parliament.

The Welsh Youth Parliament is made up of 60 11-18 year olds from across Wales. To join, a candidate must be nominated and subsequently elected by their peers, with voting taking place in November 2021.

The Welsh Youth Parliament was formed in 2018 and seeks to empower young people to make decisions and to provide them with a voice in Welsh politics.

During their two year term, members will meet three times in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. In the first term, the Parliament looked into the provision of mental health support for young people, as well as how the teaching of life skills in the school curriculum could be improved. Their work has gone onto influence Welsh Government policy.

Urging local young people to get involved with the Parliament, Lee Waters said:

“We want young people to feel involved and valued in the democratic process. I’ve had the privilege to work with some really passionate Youth Parliament members from the area since being an MS. All deeply committed to making things better for people growing up in Wales. Those who stand go on to gain invaluable skills and confidence to shape the future of our country. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please do apply.”

Those interested can find out more here: https://youthparliament.senedd.wales

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