Bed and Breakfasts in unnamed locations will continue to be used as temporary accommodation for people facing homelessness for at least the next six months.

A delegated decision was signed off by the cabinet member for housing Cllr Michelle Bateman last week to continue “block booking” of B&B accommodation in response to increasing numbers of homeless requiring housing.

The delegated decision report states: “B&B is one option of temporary accommodation offered to those who are homeless. Placements are made only if assessed suitable for particular households, and homeless have a choice whether they accept this offer.”

It adds that the arrangements are being put in place using a Welsh Government grant for six months – from April 1 2022 to September 30 2022 – and after that any further costs would be paid by the council.

It is considered as a “medium-term measure” while alternative provision is commissioned as part of strategic planning and there is an option to extend the plan for a further six months included in the delegated decision.

The B&Bs involved and the financial arrangements for securing the accommodation are included in a private report not published with the public decision notice.

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