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Beaumaris lifeboat assist casualty near Britannia Bridge

ON Monday 10 August for the first time since March due to the restrictions imposed with the COVID 19 pandemic the volunteer crew of the Beaumaris Lifeboat had been authorised to conduct a training exercise. This was interrupted by request to assist with casualty care by the Britannia Bridge.

The Beaumaris Atlantic 85 lifeboat Annette Mary Liddington was diverted from exercise at 1.20 pm to attend an incident on the footpath near the Britannia Bridge.

The coastguard had received a report that a female had slipped on the footpath and damaged her ankle. The lifeboat crew was tasked to give casualty care pending the arrival of the paramedics.

When the lifeboat arrived at the scene two crew members went ashore with oxygen and first aid equipment. However, an off duty paramedic had already arrived soon joined by two Air Ambulance paramedics who had arrived by car.

The Bangor and Penmon Mobile Coastguard Rescue teams also attended thus the lifeboat was released at 1.50 pm to return to station and change crew for the exercise session to continue.

Thanks to John Pulford. Photo credit: A J Robinson

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