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Dear Editor, Here we go again, hundreds of vehicles from all direction caught up in what can only be described as “bedlam” this must be the third water pipe burst in as many months.

The weight of the traffic is causing so much pressure on the road as well as gas leaks as well.

I talked to one driver who was delivering prescriptions and he said he joined the “go slow” at 5.40 and he has just got going again at 6.35.

So not only do we have awful over the limit pollution, terribly congested roads byt the weight of the traffic is making it worse with all the roads works caused by the traffic.

When are you guys going to learn.

Planting trees (that will take forever to grow), bushes, car sharing, staggered starts in schools and the college, Swansea University Reports, No right turns into Maes-y-Coed.

I talked to many people in the jam and they have had it up to over their heads, many said “the road is not fit for purpose” and what are you guys doing about it NOTHING.

Clean Sandy Road air problems up with a by-pass and put the road where the trees are and the trees will dilute enormously the pollution.

Between all this and Taylor Wimpey’s antics (oh by the way the latest comment from their site office is “that they own the road from the Co-op to the off centre roundabout) and I am not exaggerating hundreds of people said that they will make a difference in the on coming elections, whenever they take place at all levels.

And by the way, the inner, uppermost wooden wall on top of the “Berlin Wall” is collapsing inwards as two photos show, look very carefully along the line.

Two photos where it clearly shows the steel wall further out than the official boundary wall and that is not trespass?

Sincerely, Ray Jones

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