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A council has defended a major tidying up operation after some residents complained that it would never have happened if it wasn’t for an imminent royal visit.

Teams from Cardiff Council have been busy giving the area around Llandaff Cathedral a makeover ahead of King Charles III’s visit this Friday.

As part of the deep clean, potholes are being filled in, weeds are being pulled out and sections of road are being resurfaced.

Whilst some on social media seem excited at the prospect of the new King coming to Cardiff, one question is clearly on the lips of many residents – ‘why do we have to wait for a royal visit for our streets to be fixed?’

When the Local Democracy Reporting Service put this question to Cardiff Council, a spokesperson said it is standard practice for resources to be located ahead of “high profile visits”.

A Cardiff Council spokesperson confirmed that the council has a team of staff that carries out deep cleansing exercises in a number of wards across the city.

All streets in the city have routine inspections and repair schedules, but for events where the council expect very high footfall, additional inspections are undertaken to address any interim deterioration of the highway and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of visitors.

The spokesperson added: “These resources have been relocated to Llandaff so that the council can prepare for the up and coming visit of their Majesties, King Charles III and The Queen Consort Camilla, visiting Cardiff on Friday, September 16.

“This is standard practice for all large, high profile visits in Cardiff to ensure the city is ready to host what is a historic event that many of us will never see again in our lifetime.”

The royal couple’s visit to Cardiff will comprise a service of prayer and reflection at Llandaff Cathedral, attended by senior faith leaders from communities across Cardiff.

The Royal couple are due to arrive at Llandaff Cathedral before visiting the Senedd to receive a Motion of Condolence.

This will be followed by a reception at Cardiff Castle which will include a private audience with the King for the First Minister and the Presiding Officer of the Senedd, Elin Jones.

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