September 27, 2021

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THE Bridge public house in Llangennech has been the recipient of a blue plaque.

Lyn John of Llanelli Community Heritage introduced the invited guests to the unveiling of the historic blue plaque and gave a brief history of the events of 28th of June 1843.

He said:

“The daughters of Rebecca assembled on this night and destroyed the toll gate at the entrance of the village. It was called The Bridge End Gate and they partly destroyed the toll booth.”

County Councillors For Llangennech Gary Jones and Gwyneth Thomas gave brief speeches, praising Jonathan the owner of The Bridge for his community spirit and excellent food (they have recently won an award for Restaurant of the year South West Region). He also supports various sporting clubs with charity fundraising, and members of the Air Ambulance eat free.

The main event was the unveiling by Trystan Gravelle who hails from Trimsaran and has appeared on stage and screen, best known for appearing in Mr Selfridge, Baptiste and as UFC fighter Brett Johns. The event was well attended, with community councillors Jacqueline Seward, Dr Marion Slader and Rob Willock present. Also attending were the Llangennech Historical Society who, together with Councillor Gary Jones, intend to raise money for Rhys Gabe, who was born in Llangennech at The Bridge, and went on to represent Wales in Rugby.

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