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The up-and-coming Brexit Part has begun to gain ground since its formation five months ago.

This headway was markedly on display on Oxford Street in Swansea today (May 18) as the group’s supporters operated out of a yellow trailer, handing out leaflets and badges and sharing information for the numerous interested passers-by.

Keith Pierce, a volunteer for the Swansea branch of the group, explained what exactly the Brexit Party advocated, and his own views.

At 71, Keith has retired after a prolific career and an extended illness a few years ago, but found himself outside and talking to strangers because he believes in democracy.

”In 2016, 51% [of people] voted to leave, over 17 million,” he said. “The people have spoken, and to not honour that vote is a miscarriage of democracy.”

Formed by Catherine Blaiklock and Nigel Farage in January 2019, the Brexit Party was created as a reaction against the Conservatives, their mounting radicalism, and discontent with how they handled the results of the 2016 Referendum.

Their goal is clear – they are committed to making Brexit happen, and as is included in much of their policy literature, they will take it with or without a new trade deal in place.

The reasons for their steadfast urgency are what are held as the only viable likelihoods for remaining any longer in the EU – loss of value in the pound, continually stagnating policy, and loss of sovereignty to the machinations of a ‘European State’.

Keith, like others, experienced Swansea in its prime, was able to make a living as a bricklayer, and later under self-employment as a commercial building inspector, and would like the same possibilities for his grandchildren.

The Brexit Party, attributed to it being so young, does not yet have a manifesto outlining the entirety of its policy, but is waiting until after the European Elections to publish it; however, in regards to the environment and climate change, Keith had this to say:

”Britain is responsible for 2% of global emissions, and its almost too big to grasp. We should start by walking more, less driving, less airplanes.”

Another issue party supporters have with the EU are their representatives; Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, was described as a drunk, and Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, a bigot.

Those in the Brexit camp are certain of the strength of their new party, and predict a desolate future for the European Union.

”The EU is going to be finished in ten years,” Keith assured. “We’re going to wipe the board clean, and go for their throats.

”A vote for Brexit is a vote for democracy,” he finished by saying. “There’s no other way to put it.”

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