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Brynsierfel takes over Wales News Online

YSGOL Gymraeg Brynsierfel took over our resources today, Thursday (May 23) to make the news. 

The school were taking part in a week of looking at career options and journalism was on the list. 

The invite came from class teacher Mrs Saunders and we relished the opportunity to let the children loose with the cameras. 

The day began with a talk to the whole school at assembly where the young pupils put the editor on the spot with some great questions. 

Having given the pupils a briefing on the use of the equipment and techniques they set off around the school to interview children and staff. 

The film, audio and photographs will form part of a larger piece of work we will be uploading at a later date. 

A TV studio was set up in one of the rooms and the children took part as interviewers, photographers, sound engineers, camera operators and runners. 

The day finished with an edited film of the day being shown to the whole school. The small team who gathered the news explained what they had done and how much they enjoyed it.

More great questions from the floor followed and we are happy to announce that quite a few f the children said that they would like to work in the media industry.

We cannot thank the children and staff at the school enough for their efforts today. Here is the video. Enjoy. 


All film and photos recorded by the children of Ysgol Gymraeg Brynsierfel assisted by Alexis McDonald, David Hurford and Mrs Evans.