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EIGHT year old Cadi Evans’ NHS inspired swim cap design has made a splash with Swansea Aquatics club coaches.

During the lockdown, sports clubs all around the country have been adapting to online fitness classes, including swimming clubs.

An important part of the Swansea Aquatics ethos during the pandemic has been it’s focus on team building activities for it’s 250 members.

Since the start of the pandemic Swansea Aquatics has held online quiz nights and has also streamed live cooking, baking, crafting and drawing sessions, to support its swimming club community.

Assistant head coach Sam Jones set a craft exercise for the children to design their very own swim cap.  The children were encouraged to send in their designs last month.

Sam recalls:

“We had hat designs from all ages of the club ranging from 6 -15 years putting their own take on our Swansea Aquatics swim cap. After seeing all the drawings the coaches were impressed with the creativity and thought put into each design.”

The club came together following the challenge to pick a design that highlighted the creativity and inspiration of the club. Cadi’s  design was chosen as it displays colour, inspiration and gratitude to our national health service.

Sam went on to say:

“There were a lot of great designs to pick from. Cadi’s NHS drawing says what everyone else is thinking: Thank you NHS for your incredible work especially over the last year.”

After finding out her design was going to be made a reality Cadi said, “I was really really excited and happy and I couldn’t wait to see the swim cap.”

Cadi who attends Pennard Primary school went on to say what inspired her swim cap design.

“I drew the star to look like a shooting star and the colours represented the rainbow symbol for the NHS. I wanted to thank the NHS for all their hard work during the pandemic and because my Dad works in the NHS.”

Cadi’s swim cap can be purchased on the Swansea Aquatics online club shop.

The aim is to sell as many as possible, with the club committing all profits to the NHS. Cadi finished by saying:

“I hope my swim cap raises lots of money for the NHS and I cannot wait to go back swimming so that I can wear my cap and to see other people wearing it.”

Well done Cadi and all swimmers for putting together wonderful designs on show.

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