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Call for qualifying foreign citizens to register to vote in Senedd election

NO matter where you were born, if you live in Wales and are 16 or over, you can now vote in the Senedd Elections.

In 2020 the Senedd passed a significant new law, known as the Senedd and Elections (Wales) Act. One of the most important changes in the new law was to allow qualifying Foreign Citizens the ability to register to vote in Wales for the first time and take part in the Senedd elections.

This is a big change to our democracy in Wales and provides thousands of new voters the opportunity to have their say during the May 2021 Senedd Election. For the first time, Foreign Nationals will have the power to help choose who represents them, as well as creating a more inclusive, diverse and effective Senedd.

As a Foreign National your vote matters, don’t lose it. If you’re eligible, please register to vote online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote it’s quick and easy and it will ensure that you’ll be able to take part in the upcoming Senedd Elections May 2021.

A qualifying foreign citizen is a resident in Wales but isn’t a Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of the European Union or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland and has leave to remain or can be treated as having leave to remain.


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