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Calsonic Kansei and Magneti Marelli unite under new worldwide brand – MARELLI – as part of combined company’s strategy to compete on a global scale

Leading automotive suppliers Calsonic Kansei and Magneti Marelli are delighted to announce today that the company will unite under one worldwide brand – MARELLI. The move to a single brand name is an important step in the integration of the two companies and positions MARELLI to compete even more effectively on a global scale.

MARELLI operates 170 facilities and R&D centers across Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific. As MARELLI, the unified company is even better positioned to serve customers around the world, by building and diversifying its proposition. By coming together under one name, the company will even better leverage its unique skills to boost competitiveness through an ongoing focus on innovation, upon which Magneti Marelli has built its reputation, and “Monozukuri” – the excellence in product, process and quality which Calsonic Kansei is known for.

Beda Bolzenius, CEO, MARELLI, said: “This is a pivotal time in the evolution of our company. The new brand is built on the idea of “Powering Progress Together” that reflects our focus on helping our customers confidently navigate and succeed in an unprecedentedly changing industry. Our goal is to build on the exceptionally strong heritage that each company has so successfully become known for, to create a world-leading automotive supplier, which our people and our customers can be proud of. Creating one brand that is known across the world is an important step in pooling our combined resources and amplifying our global impact.

“We selected MARELLI after a great deal of analysis. Though Calsonic Kansei has a strong presence in Asia and Japan, when we looked at total brand value and awareness among customers around the world, the “Magneti Marelli” brand is more widespread. It is important to hold onto the existing brand equity that comes from Magneti Marelli, but do it in a way that is fresh, recognisable to global customers, represents the same high quality and innovation for which we are known, as well as creating a sense of unity through a single brand name with a new image.

“For our 62,000 global employees, coming together as MARELLI unites us all as one team, with one common identity, and takes us a step closer to creating a leading player, which will generate the best career opportunities for our people over the long-term.

“Our priority now is to ensure operational continuity for the benefit of all of our customers, and make sure all stakeholders feel part of the transition so they can maximise the opportunities that will arise as a result of these changes.”

The new brand name and logo will appear on official materials in due course. Today’s unveiling strongly signals the arrival of a new automotive global leader and positions the company for further growth across all global markets.

About the MARELLI logo

The new logo pays homage to the long history of innovation and manufacturing excellence that has brought success to the company and its customers, by incorporating the corporate colours from Calsonic Kansei (light blue) and Magneti Marelli (dark blue). The logo is formed of two geometric shapes which symbolize the company’s engineering precision and technological know-how. In addition, the two shapes are upward-pointing arrows signifying progress and the future, while their union signifies the combination of two powerful companies coming together as partners in a collaborative spirit.


MARELLI is a progressive, open-minded and truly global partner who inspires you to go further.

MARELLI brings together two successful global automotive manufacturers from Italy and Japan, with a world-leading reputation for innovation and manufacturing excellence (Monozukuri). MARELLI operates out of 170 facilities and R&D centers across Europe, Japan, the Americas, and Asia Pacific, and has operational headquarters in Saitama, Japan and Corbetta, Italy.

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