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RESIDENTS of Cwmtwrch near Ystradgynlais have formed a pressure group  to highlight the need to slow down speeding drivers before someone is killed or injured.,

The villagers have been campaigning for over two years for traffic calming measures to be put on the A4068 at  Heol Twrch.

Alan Davies of Cwmtwrch A4068 Safety Campaign group, said: “Speeding has been a problem here for some time, we want traffic calming measures to be placed here so that we can stop cars flying down the road.”

“We as a group feel that for the sake of a small amount of money being spent on speed calmers they could potentially save a life.”

Mr Davies explained that elderly people lived close to the road and that crossing the road is now becoming dangerous.

He added that his own stationary car parked on the road has been hit three times in recent years, and that a neighbour had suffered her car being damaged several times during in the last year alone

Residents have also set up a petition on the: you.38degrees.org.uk website.

The petition asks Powys County Council to “Reduce the speed of traffic on the A4068 between Upper and Lower Cwmtwrch.”

The petitioners say that there have been eight accidents over the last three and a half years due to drivers exceeding 30mph and that they are concerned there could be “fatalities” unless something is done.

So far it has been signed by 200 people.

A spokesman for Powys County Council (PCC) said: “The council conducted speed surveys at locations requested by local residents.

“These surveys showed that no interventions were needed, this is in line with council’s speed management policy.”

Mr Davies believes that the speed monitoring coincided with when traffic lights were on the road, which would not have given a “true reflection” of the issue.

The PCC spokesman added: “There is a section of the A4068 where speeds are a concern.

“This has been discussed at a speed management meeting with the police, who have agreed to carry out enforcement when they have the resources available.”

“The council are also in discussions with (Ystradgynlais) town council representatives regarding speed indicator devices that they are looking to purchase.”


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