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Carmarthen YFC Eisteddfod success

Special Eisteddfod report by Rhodri Lewis Trefnydd Sir / County Organiser

ONCE again this year there was fierce competition at St Peter’s Hall, Carmarthen at the Carmarthenshire Young Farmers Club County Eisteddfod on Friday the 11th, Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th of October. After two nights and a day of high quality entertainment, Penybont YFC captured the Eisteddfod shield for the sixth time in a row. Congratulations to the club and also to Llanddarog YFC for coming second, and to Dyffryn Cothi YFC and Dyffryn Tywi YFC for coming joint first in the homework section and sharing the Elonwy Phillips shield.

There was a tough job for all our judges with all the competitions throughout the Eisteddfod. Our thanks go to them all for their service. Meinir Jones Parry judged the music section, Bronwen Morgan in the recitation, Cefin Vaughan in the Light Entertainment Section, Caryl Edwards the disco dance, Myfanwy Rees in the Folk Dancing and Heiddwen Tomos and Eurfyl Lewis in the Homework Section.

Our presidents for this year’s Eisteddfod were Dyfan James for the first Friday, Brian and Ann Walters for the second Friday, then Llinos Jones for the Saturday. Many thanks to them for their dedicated words from the stage and for their generous donations towards the organisation’s funding in Carmarthenshire.

We were very fortunate to have Elin Rees as the official accompanist at this year’s Eisteddfod again. We thank her for her service and also to the other individuals who accompanied the members. Thanks also to those who were presenting from the stage at the Eisteddfod this year – Aled Thomas, Iestyn Owen, Hefin Evans, Sion Evans, Angharad Thomas and Carwyn Jones. Many thanks also to everyone who worked behind the scenes and at the door with the other Officers and friends of the YFC.

Our thanks go out to our recorders who looked after the scores. Thanks to Jane Morgan, Marian Thomas, Angela Isaac and also to Llinos Jones who was also in charge of the certificates. Many thanks also to Dylan Bowen who was in charge of Sound and Light.

This year, one of Llanddarog YFC’s leaders, Nia Thomas commissioned Mari Thomas to create a special crown in memory of her parents, Olwen and John Thomas. We are very grateful to Nia for this donation to the County. The first winner of this crown was County Ambassador Angharad Thomas of Dyffryn Tywi YFC. A contemporary sculpture was donated by former County Chairman, Carys Thomas, to Angharad, created by Alan Jones and his daughter, Lowri Jones. This year’s winner of the chair was Ceri Davies of Dyffryn Cothi YFC. The chair was donated this year by County Chairman Iestyn Owen. This chair was created by Capel-Arthne YFC member Owen Phillips. Congratulations to Angharad and Ceri, and thank you to everyone who took part in the Ceremony, especially to Jean Lewis, County President for the smooth running of the ceremony.

Thanks to Penybont YFC for stewarding the whole Eisteddfod and thanks to W D Lewis, All Pump Services and LHP Accountants for sponsoring the event.

These are the Eisteddfod results:

Stage Competitions

Instrumental Solo

  1. Dafydd Owen, Llanddarog YFC
  2. Alpha Evans, Cwmann YFC
  3. Daniel O’Callaghan, Penybont YFC

Folk Singing

  1. Elen Bowen, Capel Iwan YFC
  2. Hannah Richards, Penybont YFC
  3. Carwen George, Dyffryn Cothi YFC

Hymn Singing

  1. Elen Bowen, Capel Iwan YFC
  2. Heledd Thomas, Llangadog YFC
  3. Owain Rowlands, Llanfynydd YFC


  1. Penybont YFC

=2.  Llandovery YFC

=2.  Llanllwni YFC

Folk Dancing

  1. Penybont YFC
  2. Capel Iwan YFC
  3. Llanllwni YFC

Instrumental Ensemble

  1. Llanddarog YFC
  2. Penybont YFC

On the News

  1. Llanllwni YFC
  2. Capel Iwan YFC
  3. Penybont YFC

Contemporary Song

  1. Dyffryn Cothi YFC

Mixed Choir

  1. Penybont YFC
  2. Llanddarog YFC
  3. Dyffryn Cothi, Llanfynydd, Llangadog & Llandovery YFC’s

Solo 16 or under

  1. Elan Jones, Cwmann YFC
  2. Lowri Voyle, Llanddarog YFC
  3. Elin Thomas, Llanddarog YFC

Recitation 18 or under

  1. Olwen Roberts, Penybont YFC
  2. Glasnant Jenkins, Dyffryn Cothi YFC
  3. Esther Defis, Capel Iwan YFC

Solo 21 or under

  1. Owain Rowlands, Llanfynydd YFC
  2. Non Roberts, Llangadog YFC
  3. Daniel O’Callaghan, Penybont YFC

Recitation 21 or under

  1. Daniel O’Callaghan, Penybont YFC
  2. Heledd Jones, Dyffryn Tywi YFC

Solo 26 or under

  1. Carwen George, Dyffryn Cothi YFC

Recitation 26 or under

  1. Owain Davies, Llanllwni YFC
  2. Carwen Richards, Dyffryn Cothi YFC
  3. Nia Davies, St Clears YFC

Duet 26 or under

  1. Mari a Cadi James, Llangadog YFC
  2. Elin Thomas a Lowri Voyle, Llanddarog YFC
  3. Carwen George a Carys Haf, Dyffryn Cothi YFC

Dawns Disgo

  1. Llannon YFC
  2. Cwmann YFC
  3. Llandovery YFC

Recitation Party

  1. Llanddarog YFC
  2. Dyffryn Tywi YFC
  3. Penybont YFC

Mime to music

  1. Penybont YFC
  2. Llangadog YFC
  3. Llanllwni YFC


  1. Penybont YFC
  2. Dyffryn Cothi YFC

Have you got talent?

  1. Hanna Thomas a Catrin Daniel, Llanllwni YFC
  2. Owain Davies, Llanllwni YFC
  3. Ifan Williams, Llangadog YFC


  1. Lleu Pryce, Penybont YFC
  2. Deian Thomas, Dyffryn Cothi YFC

Musical or Film Solo

  1. Owain Rowlands, Llanfynydd YFC
  2. Ceulyn Davies, Whitland YFC

=3.  Hannah Richards, Penybont YFC

=3.  Lowri Voyle, Llanddarog YFC

Vocal Ensemble

  1. Capel Iwan YFC
  2. Penybont YFC
  3. Llanddarog YFC

Humorous Duet or Trio

  1. Hefin Jones, Ifor Jones a Sioned Howells, Llanllwni YFC
  2. Osian Davies a Edryd Davies, Capel Iwan YFC
  3. Carwyn Jones, Jac Davies a Tomos Jameson, Penybont YFC

Parti Deusain

  1. Llanddarog YFC
  2. Penybont YFC’s Girls
  3. Capel Iwan YFC






  1. Angharad Thomas, Dyffryn Tywi YFC
  2. Carys Hughes, Llandovery YFC
  3. Ffion Anderson, Llanddarog YFC



  1. Ceri Davies, Dyffryn Cothi YFC
  2. Alpha Evans, Cwmann YFC
  3. Sioned Bowen, Llanllwni YFC


Competition for members 26 or under

  1. Fiona Phillips, Penybont YFC
  2. Sulwen Richards, Dyffryn Cothi YFC
  3. Cerys Thomas, Dyffryn Tywi YFC


Competition for members 21 or under

  1. Gwenno Roberts, Llanfynydd YFC
  2. Heledd Jones, Dyffryn Tywi YFC
  3. Hannah Jones, Llangadog YFC

Competition for members 16 or under

  1. Hywel Jones, Dyffryn Cothi YFC
  2. Gruff Jones, Llangadog YFC
  3. Lois Davies, Llangadog YFC



  1. Lleu Pryce, Penybont YFC
  2. Caeo Pryce, Penybont YFC
  3. Sioned Howells, Llanllwni YFC



  1. Aled Havard, Dyffryn Tywi YFC
  2. Elan Thomas, Penybont YFC
  3. Jack Davies, Llangadog YFC



  1. Sioned Howells, Llanllwni YFC
  2. Lowri Elen Jones, Dyffryn Tywi YFC
  3. Gwenann Jones, Dyffryn Tywi YFC



  1. Siriol Richards, Llandeilo YFC
  2. Lowri Elen Jones, Dyffryn Tywi YFC
  3. Gwenann Jones, Dyffryn Tywi YFC


Club Project

  1. Penybont YFC
  2. Dyffryn Cothi YFC
  3. Llanllwni YFC


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