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Carmarthenshire Labour leader says, Welsh Conservative resignations pose risk to devolution

CLLR ROB JAMES, Carmarthenshire Labour Leader and Senedd Candidate for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr stated:

“I welcome Mr Davies’ resignation as Conservative group leader today considering his behaviour flew in the face of the advice Governments are giving their residents. The resignation comes after months of undermining Welsh Labour Government’s action on the pandemic.

“It is correct to question why the Conservative Members of Senedd feel it is now appropriate to resign after the Conservative Senedd Group gave their “unanimous support”. It is clear it is London, not Cardiff that are calling the shots.

“The departure of Paul Davies does open the door to the Conservatives lurching further to the right and taking a firm position to abolishing the Welsh Parliament.

“During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Welsh Government have sought to protect the interests of Carmarthenshire communities and ensured that we are led by the science. It is essential that decisions made on the interests of Wales, is made in Wales and it is extremely concerning that the Welsh Conservatives may seek to abolish devolution going forward”.

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