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Catch up with mates, catch up on some rays. Don’t let covid catch up with you

August Bank Holiday is nearly here and it looks like it’s going to be sunny and warm for the long weekend ahead. Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a dramatic increase in covid cases in Ceredigion, in particular in coastal areas.

The current levels show the number of cases at 255.9 per 100,000 of the population, with Cardigan at 304.1 per 100,000; New Quay and Penbryn at 395.6 and Aberystwyth South at 313.8. All areas of Ceredigion are above 200 per 100,000 population which is a concern and it shows that the virus is spreading quickly within the community, in particular amongst those between the ages of 10 and 29 years old.

The number of cases is expected to increase further over the coming days and our coastal towns will inevitably be busier than normal and places will get crowded. So, if you’re partying at home or going ‘out out’, do the best you can to limit the chance of catching covid by:

Washing your hands regularly.

Wear a face mask, especially in crowded places, on public transport or in shops.
Keep your distance. Although the 2m rule has ended, businesses have the right to stick to similar restrictions to help keep their staff and customers safe.
Meeting outside is safer than inside – make the most of our beautiful beaches, parks and public rights of way paths.
Let fresh air into indoor spaces.
Get tested and self-isolate, even for mild symptoms. To book a test, visit https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test or phone 119.

Vaccinations are now available for all 16-17 year olds. More information on walk-in clinics can be found here: https://hduhb.nhs.wales/healthcare/covid-19-information/covid-19-vaccination-programme/mass-vaccination-centres/

Everyone needs the chance to catch up with friends and family or get some rest and relaxation; all of these situations can involve having a drink or two to unwind and enjoy. Covid doesn’t take a break just because you’re having one. Keep yourself, your family, friends and colleagues safe.

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