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PEDESTRIAN  ‘safe zones’ introduced to a number of Ceredigion towns during the pandemic should be discussed at scrutiny, as councillors highlight a “lack of consultation”.

Ceredigion County Council’s gold command introduced safe zones in Aberaeron, Aberystwyth, Borth, Cardigan and New Quay last year and a public consultation was held to see what residents thought and “tweaks were made because of that consultation,” Lowri Edwards, corporate lead officer for democratic services, said on Wednesday (July 7).

At a meeting of the corporate resources overview and scrutiny committee Cllr Elizabeth Evans said while there have been “tweaks in some places” there have also been “wholesale changes to the safe zones this year that haven’t been consulted on, including no consultation with the town councils.”

Cllr Gareth Davies had brought up safe zones as the committee discussed is forward work programme, highlighting issues he had seen in Aberystwyth.

“I can’t see that there’s been any consultation with any member about this issue. The decision has been made, I don’t know on what basis that decision has been made and I receive complaints day after day regarding traffic in Aberystwyth,” he said.

Complaints about the system in Cardigan were raised by Cllr Lyndon Lloyd, supported by Cllr John Adams Lewis.

“This is definitely something we should be discussing because the level of hostility in the communities I have never seen, it’s horrible and it’s horrible for us as county councillors that we had no input in to it at all,” she said.

It was agreed that the issue was not a matter for the committee but would be something that may be added to the thriving communities overview and scrutiny forward work programme if its members wished.

The relevant officers could then be asked to attend and prepare a report in order to discuss the matter fully, it was agreed.

Photo credit: Elkanah Evans

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