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People’s well-being is not being met while “swimming pools are still closed” a councillor said as he asked for an update on when leisure centres will fully reopen in Ceredigion.
At a meeting of full council on Thursday (October 21) Ceredigion county councillors signed off the draft well-being and improvement objectives annual report 2020-21 when Cllr Ceredig Davies highlighted reference to leisure and swimming included was not being provided.
Cllr Davies said it had been “a year or two now where children have missed out and there are children that haven’t had the opportunity to learn to swim.”
Council heard that issues with sourcing materials, particularly for air source pumps needed at Plascrug and Lampeter leisure centres, was causing delays.
Cllr Catherine Hughes, cabinet member for Porth Gofal, added that there was also difficulty in getting other necessary materials, adding “we are hoping to have some more information by the end of November” although it was not expected for children to be back swimming until the new year.
“We are working hard on this to make sure we are reopening our leisure centres. It’s a difficult time but we haven’t forgotten about this,” she said, adding that a paper on reopening “as soon as possible and as safely as possible” is due for discussion.
Councillors were reminded that some swimming services were available in Aberaeron, Llandysul and at Aberystwyth University, and Cllr Catrin Miles provided an update on Cardigan pool which she said is “up and running.”
Council leader Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn acknowledged it was frustrating and apologised, adding “that’s the situation we have to cope with.”

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