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Charity Saver helps charities get more from their donations

CHARITIES have become big business in the last decade. There are now thousands of charities in the U.K. With very high turnovers as a result of the generosity of the British public. It has become the norm for people to create their own charity fundraisers and use funding platforms to process donations. But how big a chunk of those donations do the payment platforms take?

The answer is that it varies and it varies greatly from a few pence in the pound to quite large amounts. As we know the pennies look after the pounds so when those pennies become hundreds of thousands of pounds the platforms make a handsome profit.

CharitySaver claim that they are the cheapest way for charities to fundraise. They have entered the market with the lowest charge rate and they also offer numerous other benefits to charities and provide charities with a host of free or discounted services that save them far more. This includes:

  • Professional, experienced Google Grant support, enabling the charity to benefit from free advertising
  • Free shop, office or workspace opportunities
  • Free data audit and donor profiling
  • Donation/donor insights – displayed in pie chart form on the charities own dashboard – providing real-time data on their donor base in the form of gender, age, and income bands
  • Free website audit
  • Use of service providers who use their buying power and procurement know-how to help charities stop cash leakage from overspend on running costs with as much as a 50% discount on existing quotes

Ian Richardson of Charity Saver said: “It is simple. Charities can now put our “donate” button on their website, to take full advantage of our no fees and the lowest card processing costs available (just 0.75% compared to 2.5% for Virgin Money Giving and 1.9% for Just Giving).”

When you look at the figures it is impressive but is there a catch? According to the information on the charity’s website there isn’t.

Ian Richardson said: “There are no hidden fees, CharitySaver is FREE. The primary objectives of CharitySaver are to “de-monetise” the fundraising sector for charities, reduce their operating costs and enable charities to devote the maximum amount of time, resources and concentration to deliver their primary services/objectives. To this end we have expanded the original plan to include partnerships with Councils, Government bodies and the Education sector (Universities and colleges). We have no contract enabling the charity to use alongside or to replace existing campaigns as they wish.”

Register for FREE at Website: https://charitysaver.org No hidden fees, No contract or commitment or contact ian.richardson@charitysaver.org for further information.

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