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WHILST their doors remain closed, Blackwood Miners’ Institute has teamed up with NONaff Art to launch the Love Locks project, which invites the community to use their imagination to breathe new life into old padlocks, and ultimately will culminate in eye-catching sculpture.

If any members of the public are struggling for inspiration, NONaff Art has online resources including easy online tutorials that demonstrate ways of decorating the locks in a range of materials.

Working with partners such as The Fusion Network, St Gwlady’s Church, The Parent’s Network and Risca Volunteers, 400 packs have already been sent out to community groups so far with more interest coming in daily.  The project has even gone global with an enquiry coming in from Arizona!

Marina Newth, Theatre and Arts Services Manager for Caerphilly County Borough Council said:

“We’re so inspired by the way in which the community have embraced the project.  We wanted to do something that brought the community together, and the locks we’ve seen so far are amazing.  It will be lovely to see them come together in a piece of artwork that is for the community and made by the community.”

Tania Bryan, Director of NONaff Art added;

“Love locks are traditionally a symbol of love and commitment in ancient culture.  We wanted to use the theme of locks not just because it was a play on the idea of ‘lockdown’ but also because it represents security and love, which are so important to our communities during this difficult time.”

Members of the public still have time to contribute to the project with their own locks.  Drop off points include Blackwood Miners’ Institute, Libanus Christian Centre, Bargoed Church Hall and St John’s Ambulance Hall in Risca.  Just remember to leave the locks unlocked!

For more information contact nonaffart@gmail.com or bmi@caerphilly.gov.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/love-LOCKS

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