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NEIGHBOURS of a car hire company in Rhondda Cynon Taf have raised concern about the impact of the proposed new wash bay.

Residents in Hawthorn have shared their negative experiences of living next to the Enterprise car rental facility on Cardiff Road and are concerned about the application for a wash bay canopy on the site.

They highlight issues with noise and spray that is already generated from the the washing of cars on the site, even from those washed indoors.

A canopy was previously put up there but the company are now asking for one on a different part of the site.

Sara Cross whose property on Ynyscorrwg Road is next to the site said she has had to put up with them jet washing cars in the night and she said she hates it being there.

Last year she said they were jetwashing at midnight and she told them that her child was unwell and couldn’t sleep and they told her it wouldn’t happen anymore.

But one evening recently, she saw they were still working at around 9.15 pm.

“I work nights as well. I shouldn’t have to sleep in my children’s bed.

Working in care, she said she is so stressed she is on her last nerve.

“It is not the chemicals, it is the noise. It is really inconsiderate, I have to be honest.

“I have been here for 14 years and my neighbours have been here for a hell of a lot longer.”

She said that spray has been coming into the garden so she can’t sit out in the garden and said that there is bad language used by staff.

She said: “it shouldn’t be there. It should be on an industrial estate.”

Anne Parker, whose house is about 15 feet away from the site wall, said it is terrible as it is right on top of the residents.

She said:

“It is absolutely terrible. I know that they have got to work but they should never have put that there.

“I’ve never seen anything. I am in tears most of the time. I have been here for 50 years. I want to go away.”

She said the noise is horrific and does not stay in the building because the door is open all of the time and they work outside quite often.

She said: “I am 82. I do not ever want to go from here because I love it – but they have put the kibosh on it.”

She said spray comes into her garden and the transporter parking outside in the morning means there’s an “accident waiting to happen” with local school children walking by,.

She asked: “Noise must be the worst thing there is to grate on you day after day after day. Why can’t they go on the estate where there is a lot of room? Why should we have to put up with it?”

A spokesman for Enterprise said:

“Enterprise is committed to being a good neighbour and supporting the communities in which we do business.

“We are seeking permission to install a new, modern car wash facility which will be situated close to our building and the main road and therefore away from neighbouring houses. It will also address concerns about noise and spray from a previous wash facility.

“The proposed car wash facility will be a steel structure with a storage area. Insulation will reduce the noise and because it will have solid walls there will be no escape of spray or cleaning solutions.

“Enterprise already operates this type of wash facility on other sites so has a good understanding of noise levels.

“The Cardiff Road branch operates 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 12noon on Saturday. It is closed on Sunday and Bank Holidays. Washing will therefore not take place very late in the evening or on days when the branch is closed.

“We are not aware of concerns about the use of inappropriate language by any of our employees but will reiterate the expectation that all Enterprise people must behave in a responsible manner and show respect to our neighbours, customers and each other.

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