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PUPILS will return to school on Friday 03 September, therefore we must keep to good practice in order to ensure their safe return to school.

The current levels show the number of cases per 100,000 of the population across the county at its highest level ever at 337 per 100,000.

Certain areas of the County are even higher – Aberystwyth South at 522.9/100,000; Cardigan and Aberporth at 439.3/100,000; Beulah, Troedyarur, and Llandysul at 351.8/100,000; and Aberystwyth North at 350.9/100,000. All areas in Ceredigion are above 230 per 100,000 which shows that the virus is spreading very quickly within the community and we are expecting the number of cases to increase further over the coming days and weeks. In addition, the percentage of those being tested testing positive have increased to 16.6%, which is a significant concern.

The data shows us that the majority of these cases are in those aged 25 and under, which for Ceredigion currently stands at 555.5/100,000 of the population and increasing. We are also seeing a number of cases in children under 10.

Those who are 16 years old and over are now being invited for the vaccine and we urge young people to take up the offer to keep themselves and their families safe from the impact of COVID-19. Walk-in vaccination centres are available and further information is available at www.hduhb.nhs.wales/healthcare/covid-19-information/covid-19-vaccination-programme/mass-vaccination-centres/

It is clear that the pandemic is far from over, but by following good practice such as wearing a mask in busy places, including shops and public transport, maintaining good hand hygiene and maintaining social distancing as well as taking up the offer of both doses of the vaccine – we can reduce the worst effect of COVID-19 in Ceredigion.

You must self-isolate immediately for 10 days at the first sign of any COVID-19 symptoms which are a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss or change to sense of smell or taste. You can book a PCR test via www.gov.wales/get-tested-coronavirus-covid-19 or by calling 119.

To help identify hidden COVID-19 cases in our communities as new variants of the virus emerge, Hywel Dda University Health Board is also encouraging you to have a test if you have any of the following symptoms and they are new, persistent and/or unusual for you:

Mild summer cold symptoms, including sore throat, runny nose, headache
Flu-like symptoms, including myalgia (muscle ache or pain); excessive tiredness; persistent headache; runny nose or blocked nose; persistent sneezing; sore throat and/or hoarseness, shortness of breath or wheezing; nausea; vomiting; or diarrhoea
Generally feeling unwell and a history of being in contact with a known COVID-19 case
Any new or change in symptoms following a previous negative test
Even if you’ve been double-vaccinated, please remember to wash your hands regularly, wear a face mask where needed and keep a social distance from others in order to keep everyone safe.

By following these good practices we can all do our bit to keep Ceredigion safe.

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