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A COUPLE growing their own vegetables for fermenting will increase their business and build a home on site –  but concerns were raised about Welsh Government policy allowing it.

Lauren Simpson and Phil Moore’s One Planet Development (OPD) at Llangolman met with policy and was recommended for approval by Pembrokeshire County Council planning officers.

Cllr Michael Williams said the OPD policy was “fundamentally flawed” and was sometimes “a way of getting round planning policy” for building homes in the open countryside.

Ms Simpson said it had been their intention for many years to “own and run a smallholding” and this development would improve biodiversity while contributing to the rural economy.

The pair launched their business using vegetables grown on land at Parc y Dderwen, formerly part of Pencraig Farm, last year and supply 16 shops with foods such as sauerkrauts, kmichi and pickles.

The OPD, which was approved by the committee on May 21, will include a market garden, small traditional orchard, a forest garden, an apiary, herb garden, flower beds, a poultry area for ducks, chicken and geese, coppice woodland, newly created woodland, hedgerows and ponds.

A one storey dwelling, workshop, compost toilets, polytunnel and other structures will be built.

The development will be phased over a five year period.

Michael Ritchie spoke on behalf of objectors and questioned whether it met the policy in terms of the need to live on site.

He added that the development had “all the visual appeal of an “urban allotment” and was “an elaborate attempt to get a small holding on the cheap.”

Cllr David Howlett raised concerns about the “cumulative impact” of OPD and their use to develop on land where it would not otherwise be permitted.

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