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Council issues update on timing of A466 safety work

MONMOUTHSHIRE County Council has confirmed that preparations for important safety work on the A466 between St Arvans and Tintern have begun. Since Monday, March 29, tree-felling is being undertaken in the area and from Tuesday, April 6 Alun Griffiths Contractors will be on-site setting up, ready to begin stabilising the rock face above the road from Saturday 10th April.

It is anticipated that the project, which will involve rock being removed, will require a four-week full road closure between St Arvans and Tintern. Cyclists will be able to pass through, but all other traffic will need to follow the signed diversion.

Further details of the road closure, including the diversion route, will be available here.

A spokesperson for Monmouthshire County Council said:

“It is essential that we undertake these important safety works as efficiently and quickly as possible. We are making every effort to ensure that the works are completed in the shortest time possible.

“We have had to time the works to avoid disturbing bats while they are hibernating. We sincerely appreciate the inconvenience that the road closure will bring to residents and visitors travelling through the area, but we must undertake this essential work to keep road users safe.

Drivers are requested to follow the signed diversion as many of the other lanes in the area are very narrow and winding.  Please do not follow your satnav.  We are grateful to the local community for their patience and understanding. We are working with the businesses in Tintern to support them and keeping residents fully informed, to minimise any potential impact on the village and Wye Valley.”





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