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Council opens bus service to Swansea Bay hospital mass vaccination centre

A new shuttle bus service has been set up to help residents without easy access to cars to get to the Bay hospital for their vaccinations or blood tests.

The new 51 service is now running between the Swansea bus station and selected stops along the way to the mass vaccination centre at the Bay hospital on Fabian Way. The service is being operated on Swansea Council’s behalf by First Cymru and will be only for those attending the hospital.

While people will be able to join the bus from recognised bus stops on the way and on their return, only passengers heading to or from the hospital for appointments will be allowed to use it.

The service will operate from Stand D at the bus station. It will normally run in each direction every 20 minutes from 8 am to 8 pm daily, dependent on the vaccination services being managed at the hospital.

It’s being paid for by Swansea Council so it will be free for those attending the hospital. It will operate only on those days when experts from Swansea Bay NHS are delivering vaccinations or taking blood tests at the hospital.

Mark Thomas, cabinet member for Environment Enhancement and Infrastructure Management said the service would help enable everyone called to the hospital for a vaccination or to do a blood test to attend on time.

He said:

“We know many people getting their vaccinations will be able to make their own way to the hospital. But it’s important to put a bus service in for those who are unable to get there by car.

“But don’t forget if you’re going to use the service then you’ll need to wear a mask on the bus and keep your distance from other travellers using it.”


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