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VISITORS heading out to enjoy the Bank Holiday are being urged not to be litter tossers this weekend.

As the recent spell of good weather continues and restrictions on hospitality and getting out and about continue to ease, it’s expecting Swansea parks and beaches will be busy this Bank Holiday.

Swansea Council is urging people not to gather in large groups and to make sure that if they are hitting the beach that they take their waste home with them.

Over the Easter Bank Holiday council teams cleared 12 tonnes of rubbish from beaches, parks, and elsewhere.

Swansea Council’s head of waste Chris Howell said extra teams will be on duty at the weekend, targeting beaches, parks, and other hotspots.

He said:

“The council will be playing its part and I’d urge everyone to do their bit too by taking their waste home with them. Don’t be a litter tosser, don’t take glass onto the beach or leave disposable BBQs on the beach. And don’t think it’s fun to smash bottles and leave the remains behind for others to step on.

“People think littering is victimless. It’s not. Broken bottles and other debris like disposable BBQs can end up causing real harm, especially to young children who might step on them. Burn injuries can leave victims scarred for life.

“We need everyone to help us create a culture where it is totally unacceptable to drop or leave litter lying in the environment for others to step on or clear up.”

He added:

” We’re hoping that on this bank holiday and subsequent ones people do the right thing so there is much less litter for us to pick up after them.

“As a council, we are playing our part. We are spending millions of pounds a year cleaning up after others. We’re just asking people to do their bit as well.”


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