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A council planning committee was warned about potential costs being incurred before they decided whether to approve a new petrol station and access road in Carmarthenshire.

Councillors were deliberating on a scheme put forward by Motor Fuel Ltd and Draycott Investments and Developments for land in St Clears close to the A40-A477 roundabout.

The committee had previously turned down an application by Draycott Investments and Developments for a McDonald’s drive-thru restaurant, coffee outlet, and access road adjacent to the proposed filling station.

That decision had led to an appeal, which the authority lost. A council officer reminded the committee of this, adding that the costs were £13,805.

“It’s not a decision made without cost,” said the officer, referring to the one the committee was about to make.

Earlier councillors had been addressed by St Clears councillor Philip Hughes, who said residents were worried about extra traffic and air pollution being generated in Tenby Road by a new petrol station.

He added: “It will have a disastrous effect on other filling stations in the vicinity.”

Cllr Hughes’ suggestion of a site visit was discussed at length by committee members but voted down.

A council officer said that, according to the applicant, there was a need for a new filling station. He added that the potential competition issue was not a material planning consideration and that the new station would not result in unacceptable air pollution impacts on people living nearby.

Cllr Eirwyn Williams said he didn’t feel the planning rules and guidelines paid much attention to the quality of life of neighbouring residents.

Cllr Jean Lewis asked how additional traffic generated by the filling station would be managed at the A40-A477 roundabout.

A highways officer said the station was expected to generate one extra vehicle per minute heading from the roundabout to the station and the same vice-versa.

There were therefore no plans, he said, to alter the existing roundabout system.

He added: “We are not forecasting any additional traffic heading into St Clears.”

The new station will include six electric vehicle charging points, operate 24 hours a day seven days a week, and is expected to create 10 full-time and 10 part-time jobs.

Cllr Kevin Madge “regrettably” proposed that the committee endorse the officers’ recommendation of approval, which it did, although there were three abstentions.

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