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Council website available in 16 languages

RESIDENTS in Carmarthenshire are being reminded that they can access Carmarthenshire County Council’s website in a number of languages.

Welsh, English, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian and Japanese are among 16 languages offered to residents.

Also included are Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Romanian, Arabic, Russian and Turkish.

The council website provides a vast range of Covid-19 information and updates, along with council job vacancies and details on many other council services.

A ‘choose a language’ drop-down menu gives an option for information in a user’s language of choice.

Cllr Emlyn Dole, Carmarthenshire County Council Leader, said: “Carmarthenshire is a multi-cultural county, where Welsh or English aren’t always people’s first languages.

“So to ensure we’re able to communicate information on council services to all, we ‘d like to remind residents that the multi-language drop-down menu is available on our website.

“This is especially important during the on-going Coronavirus emergency, given the need to reach as many of our residents as possible with useful updates and sources of advice and support.

“The council has introduced a large number of measures to support our residents and businesses throughout the emergency so far, so the availability of information in 16 different languages is further reassurance that we’re doing all we can to help.”

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