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“WE only have one environment and we must do everything we can to safeguard it”.

That’s the call from one county councillor as he calls for Pembrokeshire to declare a climate emergency.

Cllr Joshua Beynon is urging county councillors to back a motion to take “bold, decisive action” to fight “truly, catastrophic” climate change.

A number of authorities across the UK have declared climate emergencies and there is a push for more to “take responsibility and lead on action.”

At next month’s full council Cllr Beynon’s notice of motion will  emphasise the global consensus on the significant risk to future generations posed by climate change and its “devastating consequences.”

“Every single human is responsible for taking action against climate change but public sector organisations such as the local authority should take responsibility and lead on action. As a coastal county we should be prepared for the worst and also be responsible and take bold, decisive action against climate change and do all we can to mitigate our impact on global emissions,” states Cllr Beynon.

He is calling on the council to also commit to becoming a zero carbon local authority by 2030, with a clear plan to meeting that aim developed within 12 months.

It will involve calling on Welsh and UK governments to provide the necessary support and resources as well as working with the Public Services Board, Swansea Bay City Deal partners, and experts to develop innovative solutions, he added.

The meeting takes place at County Hall, Haverfordwest, on Thursday May 9.

Pic: Cllr Joshua Beynon with Bertie the Seabass highlight plastic pollution.

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