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PREPARING for Brexit without any idea what might happen does “raise questions about value for money.”

Pembrokeshire County Council’s European manager Gwyn Evans agreed with a point raised by Cllr Mike Stoddart about the value in the amount of ‘Brexit Preparedness’ prior to any deal being agreed or not. The Welsh Government has provided a £45,000 Brexit grant and a further £125,000 civil contingency fund is available for the Dyfed-Powys area, although staff time was also a consideration.

Mr Evans’ report was discussed at audit committee on October 17 where members heard that one of the concerns regarding animal welfare on export may have been resolved.
In response to question from Cllr Cris Tomos, the committee heard that the most recent advice from central Government was that the UK would be listed as a ‘3rd country’ and animal exports would continue.

Cllr Joshua Beynon raised support for those seeking to apply for settled status with Mr Evans stating that Careers Wales had agreed to host centres at its premises in Haverfordwest and Pembroke Dock. Residents will be able to visit the centres in the coming months for support and making applications.

Cllr Stoddart: “Given the vast number of uncertainties in this matter I do question whether it’s worth going to any great effort other than on the broadest terms,
“I’d question if it’s value for money.”

Mr Evans’ said he shared Cllr Stoddart’s view “but it’s something that is expected of us.”

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